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Moyuru produces a line of comfortable but extremely stylish ready to wear clothing
in pursuit of free expression and unrivalled originality
based on the idea of a relaxed mind.
Very Japanese...the designs are simple and dramatic.
It is oversized and looks just as cutting edge whether on a size 8 or a size 18.

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Moyuru black and white sheer print tunic Moyuru Print Tunic
Our Price: $399.00
Moyuru winter pant with black and white print on the front and black stretch ponti on the back Moyuru Spliced Winter Pant
Our Price: $540.00
Sale Price: $350.00
Savings: $190.00
Moyuru slim skirt with elastic waist and seaming detail Moyuru Slim Skirt
Our Price: $280.00
Moyuru white cotton shirt with side pockets and sleeve button detail Moyuru White Shirt
Our Price: $299.00
Moyuru black skant has a full leg to give the illusion of a skirt Moyuru Skant
Our Price: $419.00
Moyuru grey print rayon tunic/dress Moyuru Grey Print Tunic
Our Price: $399.00
Sale Price: $199.00
Savings: $200.00
Moyuru Charcoal Cotton Tee with Black Spots Moyuru Charcoal Tee with Black Spot
Our Price: $220.00
Sale Price: $165.00
Savings: $55.00
Moyuru 181752 striped cotton/linen knit skant Moyuru Striped Skant
Our Price: $399.00
Sale Price: $299.00
Savings: $100.00
Moyuru 181655 long black vest with short sleeves Moyuru Long Vest
Our Price: $499.00
Moyuru Black V Back Pant Moyuru V Back Pant
Our Price: $330.00